A multiuser system of assisted human propulsion vehicles.


Bewegen: Dutch/German; to move/to exercise/to shift

Founded by dedicated promoter of bike-sharing and urban mobility Alain Ayotte, Bewegen delivers a flexible vehicle-sharing system unlike anything the world has seen. Think of it as bike-sharing… plus.





Bewegen wants to inject sustainability into the urban transportation mix. To achieve this goal, Bewegen offers the ultimate shared-transportation solution. With its next-generation electric-assisted bicycles, combined with cutting-edge technology, Bewegen is the missing link in urban mobility: a clean-energy, multiuser system of specialized vehicles that provides the most efficient personal transportation experience.


The Whole Picture


At Bewegen, we strive to create the world’s best urban transportation system to help commuters and tourists get where they want, when they want. Bewegen’s power-assisted bikes help you go the distance, even up the steepest hills, without breaking a sweat. With our proven expertise in shared-vehicle systems and established innovative partners—not to mention our field-tested, cutting-edge PEDELEC bikes, scalable docking stations, IT solution and mobile app combination—we aim to change urban transportation for the better, throughout the world.


We offer the total package in shared-transportation:



The best pedal-assist bikes for the job
Well-crafted stations and a next-level IT Solution
A passionate team of experts

We are your one-stop bike-sharing shop


Our Team

Bewegen and its partners are industry leaders in innovative bicycle design and bike-sharing systems. We have joined forces to design the ultimate urban transportation solution that allows its users to move around freely in the most sustainable way possible. We created specialized electric-assist bikes that provide power when needed and the world’s most advanced IT solution, making the user experience seamless.


Alain Ayotte


Alain Ayotte is a visionary industry leader in bike-sharing systems and a devoted supporter of active transportation who believes the inclusion of such systems is a necessary and important part of integrated plans for the urban environment. He is the innovator of the successful Montreal bike-sharing system, of which he led the development. He also served as President and CEO of the Public Bike System Company / PBSC Urban Solutions, from January 2009 to February 2013.

Among his many accomplishments, Ayotte helped bicycle-sharing to gain traction in North America, Australia and Europe, leading PBSC in their efforts to sell and implement over 35,000 bikes worldwide.

Previously, Ayotte was Executive Vice-President of Stationnement de Montréal (Montreal Parking Authority), and served as Director of Canadian Operations of Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Ayotte holds degrees in Operations and Commercial Distribution Management from the University of Montreal, as well as a College degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.

Alain Ayotte‘s LinkedIn

Do not hesitate to contact us for questions about our system or to learn how Bewegen can improve your community’s transportation mix.



Michel Dallaire

Industrial Designer

Michel Dallaire’s passion for design runs from everyday objects to industrial and institutional products, urban furniture and transportation. Most recently, Dallaire worked as Senior Advisor on the design of all cabin products for several fleets at Air Canada. Prior to that, he led the design of urban furniture for Montreal"s International District, a project which won 17 national and international awards. He is especially proud of designing the award–winning Montreal bike-sharing system which is now used all around the world.

Since 1998, Dallaire has been an Associate Professor at both the University of Montreal’s School of Industrial Design as well as at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary.


Founded in 1977, the Procycle Group believes that cycling is a way of life. The family owned business has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing, designing and developing some of the world’s most advanced bicycles. As Canada’s top manufacturer of high-performance bikes, it has made significant investments in industry leading technologies and holds numerous patents in Canada and the United States. Procycle currently markets and sells Rocky Mountain, Miele and eVox bicycles in over 30 countries globally.

Rocky Mountain

Since its foundation in 1981, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has been designing, developing and perfecting internationally acclaimed mountain bikes in and around the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia. This diverse playground has offered them the ideal proving grounds for all types of riding. Whether the rider is looking for the ultimate race machine, an all-mountain bike, or a trusty all-rounder for weekend thrills, they build exceptional bicycles to fit any riding style.


Inspired by pure Italian cycling tradition, Miele’s primary values are family and passion. From the first wobbly pedal strokes to fearless teenage tricks and relaxing rides, Miele is the perfect way to enjoy biking. Today, the Miele tradition carries on. The Miele bike collection is designed by committed experts, and is sold exclusively by independent bike dealers.


Created by Miele, the eVox is an electric bike that combines autonomy, power, comfort and safety. Its modern look and seamlessly integrated battery allow you to take long bike rides with less fatigue.
With eight speeds, a one-hour charging time, a 15-degree climbing ability and its DynaMe Propulsion system, eVox is the most effective means of personal urban transport on the market.


BikeEmotion is a Portuguese consortium that formed in 2011 around one central idea: to develop a way that bike-sharing users could enjoy the flexibility of leaving their bikes anywhere they like. Their solution? After many years of joint R&D work, the consortium created a bike-sharing management system that included a GPS location-based locking device attached to each bicycle.

The consortium consists of: Micro I/O, an electronic products & solutions R&D company; Digitalwind, a R&D software company from Maisis Group; and Ubiwhere, an R&D software company.

Since 2014, BikeEmotion has been the exclusive technological partner of Bewegen Technologies. The companies have joined forces to create the world’s most cutting-edge vehicle-sharing GPS tracking IT solution to be used in every Bewegen system implementation.

Benefit from

BikeEmotion’s Award Winning IT Solution



Founded by Luc Poirier, Poirier Investments is a firm with an extensive portfolio spread across different sectors in Canada and the United States. Working primarily in the fields of real estate and sustainable development, the firm is an investor and/or shareholder in over 21 companies. The properties owned by Poirier Investments will see 15,000 new residential and commercial developments in the near future, valued at over $7 billion.

Poirier Investments has initiated several major innovative projects, including Bewegen Technologies, Saint-Lambert Golf, Griffix, Rubic, and Bota Bota Spa. In 2012, Mr. Poirier unveiled a privately funded project to build a tunnel linking the island of Montreal to the South Shore. This important transportation initiative will reduce the pressure on existing infrastructure and provide a much-needed reduction in traffic congestion.


Effix has a unique experience in securing, contracting and servicing large sponsorship agreements with high profile clients.

Furthermore, they have extensive experience and knowledge of bike share systems as they have successfully completed mandates in the cities of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and New York City.

They are the exclusive corporate sales agents of Bewegen systems.

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