Bewegen System Launching in Howard County, Maryland

In an exciting development, Bewegen Technologies is launching a new bike-share system in Howard County, Maryland. The county’s system will be comprised of 70 bicycles and 7 stations, with a mixed fleet of 20 Pedelec (electric assist) and 50 regular bikes. The new system demonstrates Howard County’s commitment to innovative forms of mobility, expanding options for recreational and health-oriented transportation.
Bewegen’s advanced bike-share technology is the perfect fit for Howard County. Alongside local developments for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, the system will create an innovative new form of transportation for residents and employees. The system will also attract visitors, who will have easy access to the region’s beautiful lakes, parks, and interconnected trails. Howard County’s initiatives demonstrate a strong commitment to the local community, making it one of the most bike-friendly counties in the United States.
Bewegen Technologies is proud to be working in partnership with Howard County to deliver their ground-breaking new bike-share system. Our team looks forward to working on this project over the coming months, and are committed to delivering the quality transportation solution that Howard County deserves.

Baltimore Bike Share Celebrates its One Month Anniversary


Bewegen Technologies is pleased to be celebrating the one month anniversary of the Baltimore Bike Share program! Baltimoreans have welcomed their new transportation system with open arms, with almost 3000 system users in the first month. People have been taking full advantage of the flexible membership options, with 944 users of the convenient Go Pass and a further 500 people registering as Founding Members. The total number of trips has grown to a momentous 5856, reaching a maximum of 1.85 rides/bicycle/day on November 18th. What is clear above all else is that Baltimore loves to ride the Bewegen bikes.

Baltimore Bike Share - Photo credit: Dorret Oosterhoff

Baltimore Bike Share – Photo credit: Dorret Oosterhoff

Click to view Baltimore Bike Share launch video:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped to make Baltimore Bike Share such a resounding success. The high usage numbers are very encouraging considering the gradual set-up of charging docks and IT configurations. Bewegen is pleased to report that our operations experts at Corps Logistics have been working hard with local veterans to keep our system working at top capacity. The future is bright for the Baltimore Bike Share, and with the system expansion in spring 2017, Bewegen will continue to offer our exceptional urban mobility solution for years to come.

Bewegen Joins AZRA – Renault Partner

At the 29th International Electronic Vehicle Symposium, currently being held in Montreal, Bewegen Technologies announced its partnership with AZRA – Renault Partner in a car-sharing system project.

Bewegen CEO Alain Ayotte spoke earlier on this landmark new development:



“We are very proud to be working on this major project with another innovative Quebecois company, and are confident that Renault’s renowned electric cars are the perfect vehicle to demonstrate several innovative aspects of Bewegen’s product.“


AZRA will now use the IT solution of Bewegen which will allow them to manage car-sharing systems across multiple cities.

In addition, these two companies will offer an integrated transportation system consisting of Bewegen’s Pedelec (electric assist) bicycles, Renault electric cars, and Azra charging stations.


The partnership between the two innovative companies is a natural fit. By joining forces, the companies will synergize their innovative transportation products to bring the most advanced electric car and bike sharing system to cities around the world.


The partnership between Bewegen Technologies and AZRA – Renault Partner further establishes our companies as worldwide leaders in shared electric transportation solutions.

Bewegen to Implement in Baltimore, MD

In partnership with the City of Baltimore, Bewegen is excited to roll-out the largest electric pedal-assist (pedelec) bike share system in North and South America. The Baltimore system is planned to launch in fall 2016.

Bewegen is supplying a turnkey system for Baltimore, which will have a Phase I launch of 500 bikes and 50 stations.

The bikes are built in North America with the collaboration of Bewegen’s partner Procycle, an established bicycle manufacturer and producer of the Rocky Mountain, Miele and eVox bicycles brands. Provided by BikeEmotion, Bewegen’s leading IT solutions includes active GPS technology that allows the bikes to constantly communicate with the system and provide the real-time location of each bike. The sleek design of the bikes, docks and kiosks have been specially designed by world-renowned industrial designer, Michel Dallaire.

“We are very proud of getting the opportunConferenceity to bring bike-share to Baltimore. We believe the City’s residents and visitors deserve the very best. The City’s forward-thinking mindset, which will bring pedelec (electric-assist) bikes to its streets makes Baltimore a leader worldwide.”  Said Bewegen CEO: Alain Ayotte when describing the project.

The operations for the Baltimore system will be led by Corps Logistics, LLC, who will install and run the system’s daily activities.

Corps Logistics is a Veteran-Owned Business who will partner with nearby military bases, local businesses and charities to hire local veterans. A partnership with Baltimore Station, a local non-profit organization, is already planned to create jobs for veterans living in the City.
Corps Logistics is dedicated to becoming America’s safest, most efficient transportation logistics service. They had previously been selected by Bewegen to operate the Richmond, VA bike-share system and they will now do the same for Baltimore.

Bewegen is very proud to have been selected by the City of Baltimore and would like to thank the City for this opportunity.

Batimore Bewegen Team


Bewegen to Roll-Out in Richmond, VA

new Bewegen system will be launched in 2016. The City of Richmond, VA will be the latest to adopt our forward-thinking solution.

Bewegen will be supplying a turnkey system for the program in Richmond, which will be comprised of 220 bikes. The operations will be led by Bewegen and its partners, who will install and run the system’s daily activities.

We are proud to have been selected by the City of Richmond and would like to thank them for this opportunity.

Bewegen Richmond 2Bewegen Richmond 1



Bewegen to Launch in Lagoa, Portugal

Bewegen Lagoa1

Lagoa Bewegen 1

Bewegen’s first system in Portugal will launch in Lagoa which is situated in the magnificent region of Algarve.

This project will be made available to the citizens and visitors of the region by a partnership between the City of Lagoa (through its participatory campaign) and Bewegen Technologies. This PEDELEC bike-sharing system will be managed by WeGoShare, a Portugal-based operations company.

The official launch is set for fall 2015.

Lagoa Bewegen 2

Lagoa Bewegen 2

Lagoa Bewegen 3

Lagoa Bewegen 3

Bewegen is Bound For Birmingham, Alabama

Bewegen is delivering the Americas’ first electrically assisted public bike-share system in Birmingham, Alabama. The first Bewegen bikes will be available to the public fall 2015. Riders will have access to a total of 400 bikes – of which 100 will be electrically assisted – across 40 docking stations. The next-generation pedal-assisted bicycles, combined with cutting-edge technology offers the ultimate shared-transportation solution.

Bewegen City of Birmingham

Bewegen City of Birmingham

The bikes are being built in collaboration with Bewegen’s partner Procycle, an established bicycle manufacturer and producer of the Rocky Mountain, Miele and eVox bicycles brands. The cutting edge IT solution, provided by BikeEmotion, which includes technology allowing Bewegen’s bikes to communicate and provide its location at all times through GPS. The sleek design of the bikes, docks and kiosks is signed by Michel Dallaire, the world renowned industrial designer.

Bewegen Birmingham Partners

Bewegen Birmingham Partners

REV Birmingham and their partners, the City of Birmingham, the Birmingham Regional Planning Commission and the Community Foundation, as well as the program’s sponsors, Regions Bank, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Alabama Power Foundation, are offering this forward-thinking transportation option for its residents and visitors.

Bewegen Test Ride

Bewegen Test Ride

Cities with successful bike-share systems have already seen how much these can democratize cycling and erode the old stereotypes of cyclists. With this comes revitalized city centers that are full of life and activity. Bewegen’s pedal-assist solution is set to continue this trend by attracting a larger cross section of the population. No matter how young or old, level of fitness, how smartly or casually dressed or how flat or hilly the terrain, anyone able to pedal a bike can enjoy the freedom and benefits offered by this new-take on an old mode of transport.

Bewegen’s First Demonstration

Bewegen demonstrated a prototype, for the very first time, at the Intelligent Mobility + BUGA conference held on October 28th and 29th in Aveiro, Portugal. Attendees enjoyed their road tests of the electric-assist bike and provided positive feedback on the overall experience.

Associated with to the final meeting of the SITE project, which was also held in Aveiro, this conference aimed to discuss the role of smart ticketing as a tool to connect the different modes of transportation. The conference was also a pretext to discuss the regeneration and evolution of the BUGA bicycle library initiative that was launched in 2000 with 200 bikes in Aveiro.

Over 120 delegates were present from many countries, such as Portugal, Ireland, Spain, France and the United-Kingdom. Bike-share suppliers were also present at this exhibition that was jointly organized by the City of Aveiro and the Technology Platform for Bike and Soft Mobility of the University of Aveiro.

Bewegen will also be organizing a demonstration tour throughout Portugal shortly.

Stay tuned for more news!

Bewegen Demo1

Bewegen Demo2

Bewegen System unveiled at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference

Bewegen PW/PB/PP

Bewegen Debut

Bewegen Technologies unveiled its new electric-assist bike-sharing system at the Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place conference, held in Pittsburgh, USA.

This long awaited product debut was received enthusiastically by bike-share operators and city officials among the 1000+ attendees that attended this influential conference.

Bewegen is now the final stages of testing, and its system will be available to hit the streets summer of 2015.

Until then, Bewegen will be conducting extensive pilot projects in the province of Quebec, Canada and in the region of Aveiro, Portugal.

Stay tuned for more Bewegen updates!

Bewegen to unveil its new system at Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place 2014

Bewegen e-bike and logo

Bewegen e-bike and logo

Bewegen Technologies is pleased to unveil its new system at The 18th Pro Walk/Pro Bike/Pro Place, held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, in Pittsburgh, from September 8th to 11. Founded by dedicated promoter of bike-sharing and urban mobility Alain Ayotte, Bewegen delivers a flexible electric-assist vehicle-sharing system unlike anything the world has seen. Think of it as bike-sharing… plus.

“I am very proud to present our system to the world. This influential conference in the active transportation field was the obvious choice for the unveiling of our product. The quality of the content and the great pool of attendees and delegates are inspiring.” Said Bewegen’s CEO, Alain Ayotte.

For more information about Bewegen, visit our booth at the conference or contact us.

Find out more information about the conference.