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Peninsula Papagayo
Costa Rica

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Located in beautiful Costa Rica, Peninsula Papagayo is a traveller’s paradise.

How do you improve paradise?

The region offers an impressive range of leisure real estate, with 1,400 acres of tropical wilderness, 11 miles of coastline, and 7 spectacular beaches. Despite all that it has to offer, the region was looking to improve upon this paradise on earth.

In particular, Peninsula Papagayo was searching for a transportation solution that responds to its diverse topography and climate. The Bewegen team was there to answer the call, offering a first-class active mobility solution to match this world-class destination.

Peninsula Papagayo

The Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycle creates the perfect way to enjoy the tropical wilderness or take a relaxed trip across the scenic coastline.

The Bewegen team began by organizing a bike share demonstration for Peninsula Papagayo officials in Summit County, Utah.

Riding the Pedelec bicycle, officials from Peninsula Papagayo were able to fully conceptualize how Bewegen’s system was a perfect fit for their resort destination. To seal the deal, the team met with Summit Bike Share representatives, confirming Bewegen’s active mobility expertise and commitment to excellence.

Peninsula Papagayo Bikes
Peninsula Papagayo Dock

The Bewegen team travelled to Costa Rica to begin station siting and urban planning analysis. The system was specifically planned to meet the key system goal of promoting tourism by connecting major attractions and resort amenities.

Bewegen’s bike share experts recommended a system comprised of 100% Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycles, creating an innovative bike share program to match this idyllic ecotourism destination.

In advance of the launch, 60 brand new Pedelec bicycles were delivered to Costa Rica and stored in a secure location.

Papagayo Bike

Bewegen’s operational experts strategically placed bike hubs to increase access to the local marina, nature center, clubhouse, and private resorts. All system equipment was in place to ensure a successful program launch.

One of the key initiatives that Bewegen drove for the Peninsula Papagayo Bike Share was a customized mobile application. Our IT experts implemented unique features to personalize the user experience, with each membership being adapted to the duration of the user's vacation. As such, the memberships are tailored to ensure a seamless user experience while also meeting the specific requirements of the hospitality industry.

The official launch of Peninsula Papagayo took place in June 2018.

The Bewegen team organized a full-scale event to mark the occasion, bringing together key stakeholders and community influencers to introduce this innovative new program.


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The Peninsula Papagayo system is the model for shared mobility in a private setting.

What's next?
Peninsula Papagayo Dock

Bewegen's electric-assist bike share is a clean-energy transportation solution that lives in harmony with this biodiverse region.

Bewegen’s advanced bike share system does not simply connect major attractions and resort amenities, but further creates a new attraction for tourists and residents to enjoy. This same model is readily applicable to a wide range of private settings: colleges & universities, corporate campuses, commercial districts, hotels & resorts, residential developments, and more.


Peninsula Papagayo is a touristic destination that is currently experiencing rapid growth, making it perfectly suited to Bewegen’s bike share system.

The equipment is both flexible and modular, enabling Peninsula Papagayo Bike Share to grow alongside this burgeoning destination.

Peninsula Papagayo