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Summit County
Utah, USA

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The Summit County bike share project began with a simple question:

What can we do better?

This thriving mountainous region, located just outside Salt Lake City, was already home to the Sundance Film Festival, renowned alpine ski resorts, and world-class bicycle trails. County officials were looking for a way to build upon this success and increase mobility options for residents and tourists alike. Summit County chose Bewegen’s team of bike share experts to launch an innovative new system that would revolutionize transportation across the region.

Summit County

Summit County chose Bewegen’s team of bike share experts to launch an innovative new system that would revolutionize transportation across the region.

Bewegen’s project approach prioritizes the goals of the client above all else.

Our urban planning department began by travelling to Summit County to design a system that maximizes mobility options for both residents and tourists.

Summit County Bikes
Summit County Community

The system was personalized with a custom name, design, branding, and colors. Bewegen’s marketing team conducted on-street demos and implemented a full advertising campaign. Our IT experts created a website and mobile application to help people easily register for bike sharing.

The Bewegen team worked in close partnership with county officials at every stage, planning a public bike share program that achieved each and every system goal.

In advance of the launch, 88 brand new Pedelec bicycles were delivered to Summit County.

Summit Bike

The system equipment was duly installed at sites designated by our urban planners, and the bicycles were stored in a secure location. Each individual bicycle underwent standardized quality control & quality assurance testing to guarantee peak performance.

The Bewegen team took every step to ensure that the Summit Bike Share launch would be a success.

Caroline Rodriguez

The Bewegen team was so responsive and it was such a quick turnaround in making things happen. That’s not something that you normally see, especially when it comes to government operations, so for us that was a huge benefit in working with Bewegen.

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Caroline Rodriguez

July 2017 marked the official launch of Summit Bike Share.

The Bewegen team organized a full-scale event to mark the occasion, bringing together local politicians and community influencers to introduce this innovative new program. The launch marked a significant milestone, as it was the first 100% electric-assist bike share system in North America.

The successes of Summit Bike Share don’t stop there. System statistics revealed that people were using the system in great numbers, with over X miles in the first week operation, a number that greatly exceeds industry standards. Summit Bike Share’s impressive system usage is a testament to the power of Bewegen’s innovative bike share technology to create a rapid growth in active mobility.


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Summit Bike Share continues to drive the region towards the future of transportation.

What’s next?
Summit County Dock

Park City commits to 100% renewable energy by 2032.

The system has seen a rapid expansion, with almost 50% more Pedelec bicycles added to its fleet within the first year of operation. Following the successful launch, Summit Bike Share acquired a sponsorship deal with X, a strategic partnership to support the ongoing public bike share operations. Season 2 Information here.


The program also serves to strengthen the local community.

Bewegen’s U.S. operational partner Corps Logistics hiring local Army Veterans to maintain and operate the system. Summit Bike Share is a model for the future of shared mobility, a nationally renowned and celebrated program that strengthens community bonds, drives tourism rates, and reshapes the face of transportation for the better.

Summit County Army Veterans