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Summit County Introduces First All-Electric Bike Share Program in Utah

Summit County is about to be introduced to the future of transportation. The Summit Bike Share program is launching to provide an extensive fleet of advanced Pedelec (electric-assist) bicycles servicing Park City, Kimball Junction, and the various bike trails and luxury resorts in the area.

The system is being launched by Summit County in cooperation with Park City Municipal, following a grant from the Utah Transit Authority to establish the program. The bike share program will commence with 90 bicycles available across the region, with 100% Pedelec capability for each model.

Bewegen is proud to announce that the operations of Summit Bike Share will be led by Corps Logistics. This Veteran-Owned Business employs veterans through partnerships with local stakeholders in order to provide high-quality bike share operational services. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is working with Corps Logistics to secure applicants from the Summit County region.

Please visit the following link for an in-depth look at the Summit Bike Share program in action.