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Statement Concerning Baltimore Bike Share Program

Bewegen Technologies Inc is announcing that the Baltimore Bike Share program will cease operations today, August 15th 2018. Our company will continue focusing on providing high-quality transportation services, and this closure has no impact on any of our current or upcoming bike share programs.

The decision to end the program was reached mutually between Bewegen and the Baltimore Department of Transportation (DOT). Both parties fully understand the unique situation and challenges encountered by Baltimore Bike Share. Following multiple meetings between Bewegen and Baltimore DOT, a joint decision was reached to close the system and focus on other initiatives.

"Through our discussions with the Department of Transportation, it became clear that this was the best option for both parties moving forward” said Bewegen CEO Alain Ayotte. "Looking towards the positive, today’s announcement enables both organizations to provide alternative sustainable transportation solutions. Our company will continue to follow our vision of delivering innovative bike share systems that increase transportation accessibility for people around the world."

Bewegen would like to thank Corps Logistics and the Baltimore Station for establishing a program to hire local veterans in an effort to make the system an integral part of the community. The success of this program resulted in it being replicated at a national level, and is currently being implemented for every bike share system operated by Corps Logistics across the United States.

Bewegen would like to take this opportunity to thank the City of Baltimore, Baltimore DOT, and all system stakeholders for their continued collaboration from the very beginning. Bewegen wishes the City of Baltimore the best of luck as it moves forward in its future endeavors.