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Bewegen Launches New Electric Trike Cargo Vehicle

Bewegen Technologies is proud to introduce the bike share industry’s newest and most innovative electric vehicle: the Bewegen Trike!

This new three-wheel model prioritizes one thing: user experience. The Trike offers increased balance and control, reducing barriers to cycling entry. An enhanced design and optimized internal functioning results in a user experience that is more intuitive and user-friendly. Simply put, the Bewegen Trike makes active mobility easier and more fun for everyone! 

Carrying large cargo? No problem! The Bewegen Trike includes a modular cargo compartment that empowers the user to carry heavy loads. Transporting deliveries, groceries, or even heavy luggage just got a lot easier with the Trike’s powerful DynaMe™ electric motor.

Bewegen Technologies was founded in 2013 with the mission of creating the most advanced bike share system in the world. Since that time, the company has emerged as a leader in electric mobility, launching over 20 e-bike share systems across Europe and North America.

“The Trike represents a big leap in the shared mobility sphere.” said Bewegen CEO Alain Ayotte. “By focusing on creating best-in-class products, Bewegen has positioned itself as the leader for innovation in shared mobility. Our dedicated R&D team continues in this tradition of excellence with the release of the Bewegen Trike.”

Bewegen has spearheaded many pioneering innovations in electric mobility, including the first public e-bike system in North America and the first cross-regional e-bike program in the United Kingdom. The company also innovated the first solar canopy bike share station as well as the first method to control e-bike speed remotely through geo-fencing.

The Bewegen team continues to lead the way for innovation in active mobility with the introduction of this new electric vehicle. For more information about Bewegen Technologies and the company’s shared mobility solutions, please contact our team.

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Bewegen Technologies was founded upon a vision to revolutionize how we move. This is why the company created the most advanced bike share system available, featuring world-class electric-assist technology. Riding with Bewegen is more than just a trip, it’s an experience. The company’s team of transportation experts continues to accelerate towards innovation and deliver the future of active mobility. Learn more at