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Massive Ridership for Tartu’s E-Bike Share Program

Tartu’s e-bike share program launched to great fanfare on June 8th, 2019. This exciting new 750 e-bike system is getting increased attention because of its astounding ridership numbers.  

Tartu Smart Bike’s ridership numbers are extraordinary. After only 5 days of operation, 60,700 rides have been taken for a total of 171,100 km travelled. Bewegen’s e-bikes are wildly popular, averaging 16 rides per bike per day. Impressively, bike share members travelled a distance equivalent to the circumference of the earth within 24-hours of the system launch!

System membership is growing rapidly. The Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas was impressed with the massive participation numbers, which reached 21,550 members in only 5 days. This is an astounding level of participation, particularly considering the city’s population of approximately 93,000 residents.

CEO Alain Ayotte released the following statement:

"What makes Tartu Smart Bike special is the level of engagement with the local community. Talking to people around the city you can feel the excitement surrounding electric mobility. We continue to see the numbers rise astronomically, with Tartu Smart Bike members having already travelled almost half of the distance from the earth to the moon in less than one week!"

The popularity of the Tartu Smart Bike system demonstrates a city that is prepared to embrace clean-energy urban mobility solutions. Bewegen is excited to be working in partnership with the City of Tartu in their continued efforts to make the city environmentally smart and sustainable.