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Announcement of New IT Tools for Bike Share Operators

Bewegen operates at the cutting-edge of shared mobility, and our IT experts are constantly working to increase transportation efficiency. That’s why Bewegen and our IT partner Wegoshare are developing a line of new tools to help bike share operators get the job done.

There are many upcoming developments designed to help bike share operators. Significantly, the Back-Office platform is being developed to improve efficiencies for work orders. This will be invaluable in helping on-street technicians accomplish bike repairs in a timely manner.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform is being further developed to help ensure that people using the system have the best experience possible. Additionally, automated schedule implementation will provide live notifications to the operations team for preventative maintenance. These exciting new developments ensure that any bike share system is always ready to ride!

Bewegen continues to focus on research and development to create the most efficient platform available to system operators. Contact us today to learn more about how Bewegen can help to improve your bike share operations.